release date:
September 2009

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1. Giuoco Piano
2. At A Loss (Interlude)
3. Blossom
4. Variation I
5. Sakramente
6. Variation II
7. Solbakken 2006.06.25 3:50am
8. Olympia
9. Variation III
10. B-25 Mitchell

To’ is the second album release by fellow dane P Jørgensen, a sound artist and composer based in Copenhagen. Jørgensen is also the guy who programmed this shop - thank you Peter!

"To has easily turned out a most dreamy and deep drone work which doesn't require fancy press releases or intellectual analyses to be appreciated: Angelic sweetness, light-filled sensuality and a dewdrop-like dance of harmonics and harmonies....It shouldn't take you longer than two seconds to figure out that this is one of the releases not to miss this year." Tokafi

"Drone music of the highest order." Vital Weekly

"Ranging from the powerful to the minimal, the relaxed to the intense
and pretty much every flavour in between.... A huge recommendation on this one. Wonderful." Smallfish

"Impressing as a complete and concise statement." Textura