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release date:
11th of December 2007

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3.Avatar Furr
4.Kingfisher Sweet

The Halcyon EP by Canon Blue was released in the slipstream of his album Colonies as a free digital EP. The release is still free and it is still brilliant! This EP received a lot of praise in the blogosphere and it is all fully deserved! Based on the Halcyon EP the future of Canon Blue looks very bright. You can download it for free in decent MP3 quality or you can spend a few euros at our download store to get it in 320kbps super high quality.

John at the My Old Kentucky Home:
"Halcyon EP is the 3rd best EP release of 2007."

Connor at I Guess Im Floating:
"my favorite discovery of 2007: Nashville's lone-star electrophile: Canon Blue."
"Canon Blue released one of our favourite albums of 2007 in the form of Colonies."

Music is Art on Halcyon EP:
"One of those tiny music treasures that only come around every so often."

The Torture Garden on Ennui track 2 on Halcyon:
"Those of you wondering which songs I'm naming my favourite of the year: this is one."