HORN OF PLENTY (reissue)

improved and better looking CD

release dates:
July 29 2009

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1.Deep Sea Diver
2.Don’t Ask
6.Disappearing Act
7.Fix it
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9.A Good Place
11.La Duchess Anne
13.Service Bell
14.This Song
BONUS 15.Campfire (Efterklang)
BONUS 16.Don´t Ask (Final Fantasy)
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BONUS 17.Merge (Dntel)

Before Grizzly Bear released Veckatimest (Warp, 2009), and debuted in top ten on the American Billboard chart. Before the entire music press canonized them. Before they played live on Letterman and toured with Radiohead. Before they became the new sparkling stars from Brooklyn. Back then in the fall of 2005 they were given their European debut, with the album Horn Of Plenty, on teeny tiny Rumraket.

The first Rumraket edition of Horn of Plenty (2005) have been out of stock in the recent year and to celebrate Grizzly Bear’s latest achievements, we have decided to re-release Horn of Plenty in a new snazzy and better looking edition. The new release also features 3 bonus remixes by Final Fantasy, Efterklang and Dntel.

Horn of Plenty is a romantic, emotional, dreamy and sincere album. It’s a nostalgic amalgamation of found sounds and layered vocals bound to thrill followers of the two latest albums by Grizzly Bear and admires of folky dreamy and unpredictable pop music in its most beautiful form.

Q Magazine "Acid-fried songs of murk and wonder. The overall effect is intoxicating"

The WIRE (UK) "Reminiscent of the dry, mundane beauty of The Beatles' White Album. Yet gliding overdubs of bells and harmonies and reprocessed vocals and warm filters leaven the brooding feel of Droste's songs and give Horn of Plenty a transient shadowy elegance"

Rocksound: 7 of 10 Stars! "the clash of folk tradition and futuristic technology captured excellently, like a superbly melancholic Animal Collective."

Time Out (NY): “Grizzly Bear captured its etherized folk on the beautiful Horn of Plenty, a dreamy, evocative record that sounds like it was recorded a mile below sea level.”

rated 10/10 by VICE (Scandinavia) !!

rated 8.8/10 by LODOWN Magazine “Pure forest-honey-gold”

rated 7.7 by PITCHFORK "The gentlemen of Grizzly Bear paw around in wholly distinct regions of gentle, nocturnal psych-folk, conjuring visions of an imagined bedroom collaboration between the Doug Yule-era Velvet Underground, Nick Drake, and a pajama-clad Pooh with his head jammed in a honey jar."

Uncut Magazine: 4 of 5 Stars "Horn of Plenty is a strikingly accomplished debut... Padding from the sweet and dreamy to the dark and creepy" 4 of 5 Stars! "an album that will result in repeated, hypnotic journeys from original compositions, to remixes, and back again"

WORD Magazine: "A cherish-ably beautiful record. From what feels like almost nothing - "found sounds", Droste´s whispery, sibilant voice, the odd handclap - it creates a world rich enough to walk into through the speakers"

FLUX Magazine: "The Beach Boys on glue"

Mojo Magazine: "an air of lysergic enchantment" "smarter than your average bear"
Record of the week! at Piccadilly Records  (UK)
VICE UK: "could bears be any fucking cooler?"  7 out of 10!
Among top 106 of 2005 albums according to Radio Scorpio (Belgium)
Gaffa (Denmark): 5 Stars!
Nöjesguiden (Sweden): 5 Stars!
Recommended by! (Danish National Radio)
Undertoner  (Denmark): 5 Stars!
Radium says: Album of the week! (week 45)
Groove (Norway): 5/7 Stars!
Panorama (Norway): 5 Stars!"Plenty med Kvalitet!"
Diskant (Denmark): 8/10 Stars!
Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden): 4 Stars! (Denmark): 4 Stars!

The Other Music NY said: It's a mellow and dreamy lo-fi record ...Horn Of Plenty is a solid and interesting indie singer-songwriter album and one of the better local releases in recent memory.