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20th of September 2009

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1. Still Standing at Your Back Door
2. More Childish Than In a Long Time (free MP3)
3. Old Big Trees
4. Same Side of the Moon
5. All I think Of
6. His Heart or Mine
7. While I Hold on to the Cliff
8. Ripest Fruit
9. Birdful Eyes
10. Mary

Finally the über talented twins Johanna and Miriam Eriksson Berhan from Stockholm, Sweden are ready to release their debut full-length album Still Standing at Your Back Door. As Taxi Taxi!, they have already spellbound thousands of listeners since their very first upload to Myspace in 2005 (aged 15!) and later on with their two EPs Taxi Taxi! (2007) and Step Out Into The Light (2009) and their many concerts across Europe and at festivals like Roskilde and Hultsfred.

They write brilliant songs and sing them out so mesmerizingly sweet, that it is hard to believe these two remarkable girls were born not before 1990. Their new album is full of heartwarming and honest songs - some gentle and magical - some uplifting and spine-tingling beautiful. When Johanna and Miriam sing together there is a charming almost breathtaking sensibility present. Same time when listening you get the clear vision of two very brave adolescents singing their hearts out.

Still Standing at Your Back Door is an astonishing achivement. Taxi Taxi! have managed to make a youthful album but with incredible mature taste.

Taxi Taxi! have been in good hands while making the album. Still Standing at Your Back Door is produced by Johan Berthling (member of Tape and co-owner of the magnificent Häpna label) and mixed by Joachim Ekerman (Jenny Wilson, Frida Hyvönen, First Floor Power). Taxi Taxi! sing and play almost every instrument on the album themselves, but the album also features strings, brass and percussion played by a select handful of fine guest musicians from the Stockholm scene.