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release date:
7th of September 2009

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1. Long Gone
2. Meet and Greet (free MP3)
3. Too Late To Think
4. Stars and Smiles
5. The Right Place
6. Hunting
7. Falling Out
8. Postcard
9. Open Your Eyes (free MP3)
10. Away

We’re On Your Side is the third full-length album from Copenhagen based Slaraffenland. It is without doubt their best and most accessible album yet.

In collaboration with Fridolin, their friend and fellow Copenhagener, they have produced an album as powerful as their engaging live shows and at the same time an album more detailed and distinct than any of the previous Slaraffenland recordings.

With the use and mix of transfixing drums and inventive percussion, distorted and manipulated electronic pulses and finger-picked and driving guitars Slaraffenland creates a tight and ever changing foundation for their songs. On top of this, 4 of 5 band members master brass and woodwind instruments and all 5 members share or take turn when it comes to delivering the vocal performances. These are the elements of the sound world of Slaraffenland, but words don’t quite do justice to this myriad and cacophony of emotions, vitality and magic.

This is pop music for the open minded and a fresh reminder to all others that pop music can and should take any form. What really stands out on We’re on Your Side is how the band has grown as songwriters and also how the band has found their voice and the right balance of how to deliver their songs. We’re On Your Side is energetic, beautiful, sometimes abstract and full of mystery. Most of all it is uplifting music.

Allow Slaraffenland to take you by the hand and follow them through their world and music and maybe you will come out on the other side realizing that it truly is a land of milk and honey.

Good to Know:
The famed video artist Vincent Moon, who has created the recent documentaries on The National and Arcade Fire and who also is the inventor of the Take Away Shows, has been a huge fan of Slaraffenland for years. For the release of We’re on Your Side he has prepared a massive video project in some ways similar to the one he did for Beirut. Stay tuned – a site with all the videos will air around release date.

Slaraffenland is Niklas Antonson, Bjørn Heebøll, Jeppe Skjold, Mike Taagehøj and Christian Taagehøj

We’re on Your Side will be made available with a beautiful cover designed by acclaimed artist Cody Hudson, Struggle Inc.