Meet and Greet
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release date:
15th of June 2009

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1.Meet and Greet
2.My Bad Ways

Meet and Greet is the first single from the upcoming third album by Slaraffenland and it is a perfect song and title for introducing a new chapter in the ever-growing history of the Copenhagen based band.

The b-side of the single is My Bad Ways, which is a very powerful outtake from the album recordings that took place in the studio Mexico City with the successful Danish producer Fridolin.

September the 7th 2009 the entire album will be released. The title is We´re On Your Side and it will be released simultaneously in Europe and USA (via Hometapes). It is without doubt the best and most accessible album by Slaraffenland yet. Rumraket looks forward to make this album available so everybody can fall in love.

Someone who already fell in love is the famed French video artist Vincent Moon. You know him from the many Blogotheque/ videos and his work with bands like Arcade Fire, Beirut, The National and R.E.M. He has been following Slaraffenland for the last two years and for the album release this will culminate with a big collaboration between Slaraffenland and Vincent Moon. More details of this project can be revealed soon.