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release date:
6th of October 2008

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1. I´m a Machine
2. The Trick
3. Take on Me (Aha cover)
4. Dust
5. Paranoid Android (Radiohead cover)

Rumraket is proud to release a new EP by Slaraffenland entitled Sunshine. The release comes in custom designed and printed cardboard covers and features 5 new recordings - among them two covers of legendary and monumental songs by Aha and Radiohead!

The EP starts off with I’m a Machine and The Trick which have been live favorites for the band and audiences since last summer Both songs feature the Slaraffenland trademark gang singing and chanting on top of a foundation of innovative percussion with gritty yet beautiful and constantly changing and effect driven guitar and brass arrangements.

Track 3 on the EP is a cover of the 80 classics Take on Me by Aha and Slaraffenland nails it! You are at no time in doubt that this is Slaraffenland playing and still the original songs stands out clearly. Highly recommended!

Dust is another new promising Slaraffenland song. Years ago this was an instrumental composition, now it has vocals a new arrangement and intriguing lyrics.

A cover of Radiohead´s legendary Paranoid Android ends this encouraging EP. This cover was also released as part of OKX a tribute to OK Computer compiled by in the summer of 2007.

The CD version of the EP will be very limited so we suggest getting hold of a physical version as soon as you get the chance. "This is one of those random-ass releases that I was really excited to listen to the first, second, and every other time" "Sunshine has been released to the masses and continues to showcase that bands ability to be artistically brilliant while creating swirly, airy, hypnotic pop that sounds like so little else... it's a glimpse into how truly exquisite Slaraffenland is and how their next album, due in 2009, is going to sound. Until that time rolls around do yourself a favor and pick up Sunshine; nothing will illuminate the grey days of winter and keep you warm like the atmospheric beauty from Slaraffenland." "Any way you slice Sunshine, you’ve got a winner. So how’s about that new LP, boys?" "Slaraffenland are a Danish band full of ideas, with the diversity and wit to make themselves a real player in the future of experimental post-rock/folk." "For lovers of eccentric beauty everywhere!"

Gaffa 4 stars "Et fint mellemspil fra et originalt orkester. Det skal blive spændende at høre næste album."