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17th of March 2008

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3.Månen Viskar
5.Vid Fönstret
7.Hitta Hem

Angry Ape (uk) said Fresh, distinctive and thoroughly engaging music. This record will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on fans of the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Tobias Lilja and even Fennesz.

Erik Levander is from Sweden and is a dark romantic with a knack for abstract electronica and beautiful moving melodies. In a single song you will be able to hear the aftermath of digital Ragnarok intervened by divine haunting melodies and a new world rising up in the horizon built upon a weave of lush bleeps and brittle stutter.

Kondens the second album by Erik Levander has been underway for almost 4 years. Halfway through the process Erik’s hard drive suffered from a major crash and there was unfortunately no backup. With the kind help of donations from music loving people all over the world, enough money was raised to have the drive repaired in a fancy lab. Very unfortunate once again the data proved impossible to recover. All donators have since continued as private sponsors of the album.

Erik Levander makes majestic and tender themes, which he heavily confronts with his passion for noise, classical, traditional and impro music. With the help of his computer he forms all of it into one big detailed and roaring murmur of electronica, romantic melodies, discordia, eccentric beauty and gripping drama!

Born 1981 in Linköping, Sweden Erik Levander grew up listening to bands like My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth and Red House Painters while taking classical clarinet lessons. Besides the clarinet Erik also masters the guitar, piano and other racket makers. All of this can be heard throughout on the album. Sometimes in their pure forms and often manipulated into a new form.    Today he lives in Copenhagen where he is about to finish his master degree in architecture.

Throughout the years he has played in a wide array of bands and projects, but since 2002 he has focused on the electronic music he makes on his computer. Already he has an interesting discography behind him. The official debut album Tonad (NEON Gallery Records, 2004) is his biggest milestone so far. Besides his solo project Erik Levander sometimes finds time to play in the Swedish experimental impro-act Fria Konstellationen.

Many good names have been given to his music, such as "melodic glitch" and "screengazer" but maybe Erik's  own humble suggestion "careful maximalism" is the best word to describe it!


Milk Factory 4.4 of 5 rating! "With his second effort, Erik Levander has had to face great challenges, but the result is surprisingly peaceful and delicate. He never veers far from his chosen path, but, far from sounding uniform, it give Kondens great consistency and serves the poetry which informs the music very well indeed."

Nordis Magazine 6 of 6 rating!

Gaffa 4 stars "Ømhed og Kakafoni" 9 of 10 rating! "Kondens, mindful of its musical roots, does more than enough to be simply successful — instead, reaching to a higher plane of tonal ingenuity, Erik Levander has created something beautiful."

Angry Ape "Fresh, distinctive and thoroughly engaging music. This record will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on fans of the likes of My Bloody Valentine, Tobias Lilja and even Fennesz."