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Originally released in April and October 2007. Reissue released August 23rd 2010


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3.Him Poe Poe
4.Horseback Tenors
6.Frida Found a Friend
7.Maison de Réflexion
8.Blowing Lungs like Bubbles
11.Cutting Ice to Snow

1.Falling Horses
3.Hands Playing Butterfly
4.Towards The Bare Hill
6.Mirador (live) - bonus track
7.Cutting Ice to Snow (live) - bonus track

Double CD reissue of the Under Giant Trees EP (2007), plus the album Parades (2007). Also includes two bonus live tracks. Packaged in a deluxe Hvass&Hannibal designed fold-out CD package with 16-page booklet.

The liner notes from Efterklang:
"Under Giant Trees and Parades were both originally released in 2007. They are closely related, but also quite distinct. We spent almost two years in the studio creating Parades, a long and complex process as all the songs were written while we were recording. The songs became intricate puzzles where we would lay down a new fragment of melody, rhythm or harmony every day.

We had written and performed the five songs that became Under Giant Trees during the Tripper tour of 2005, and had recorded the basic tracks on returning to Copenhagen that December. During August 2006 we got totally stuck with the Parades recordings, and to give ourselves some breathing space we decided to complete the Under Giant Trees EP instead - a very constructive sidestep. We picked up where we left off and finished the string parts and vocals, giving the songs their structure. The EP was released on limited edition CD and vinyl in April 2007 and sold out almost immediately.

We returned to the sessions for Parades with fresh perspective and completed the recordings in April. Mads teamed up with Darren Allison and spent a month mixing the album, a gargantuan task in itself.

The album was finally released in October 2007, and we began touring again after a two year hiatus. Parades was a complicated album to make and it was only when we started playing the songs live that we began to have a unified understanding of it. But the album is still a mystery for us, and an album we are very proud of.”

Casper, Mads, Rasmus & Thomas – Efterklang

Mojo and Drowned in Sound acclaimed Parades as among the 25 best records released in 2007, while Clash magazine acclaimed it as one of the Top 40 albums in their five-year history. Parades’ lead single ‘Mirador’ has now racked up well over one million (1,000,000!) views on Youtube.

Drowned In Sound 10 of 10! “This is their Dark Side Of The Moon, their OK Computer; it’s the album Björk wishes she’d conjured in her mind when realising Vespertine, full of mystery and long-term intrigue.”

The Milk Factory 5 of 5 stars! "Parades is, quite simply, a masterpiece"

Subba-Cultcha.com 5 of 5 stars! “Beautiful and downright amazing…Without doubt, this is one of the best records released this year.”

Music-News.com (uk) 5 of 5 stars "Arguably Sufjan Stevens is their closest fellow traveller, but even his astounding and often artistically complex and referential output falls short by comparison."

The Irish Star 4 of 5 stars "Parades is an intelligent and masterful epic upon which intricate layers of dreamy guitar, horns, strings and choral vocals mesmerise in harmony"

Mojo Magazine 4 of 5 stars “Every so often an album comes along that’s so original it’s difficult to accurately liken it to anything else – even Efterklang’s last album, Tripper, is left behind by Parades."

The Independent on Saturday – The Information 4 of 5 stars “Wholly mesmerizing”

Uncut Magazine 4 of 5 stars "More organic than their 2004 debut, Parades is just as richly rewarding”

Rocksound 8 of 10 stars “Hugely impressive in scope…Superb”

Word Magazine "Great Danes make gloriously romantic pastoral chamber pop .. very very lovely music"

Clash Magazine "What Efterklang have created is one of those rare albums that you feel you’ve actually gained something from after listening to. Parades is an intelligent, heartwarming, sublime record which is more than worthy to follow the seminal debut, Tripper. There are some moments of true beauty here. Make sure you experience them”