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25th of June 2007

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1.Sleep Tight
2.Show Me The Way
4.This One Will Kill Us
5.The Run Up
Watch Out
9.You Win
11.How Far Would You Go

Slaraffenland is Danish for “the land of milk and honey” and this spring, Slaraffenland, the band, is bringing buckets of the good stuff to all good people on both sides of the Atlantic.

Based in Copenhagen, Slaraffenland found its final formation in 2002: Christian Taagehøj, Mike Taagehøj, Bjørn Heebøll, Niklas Antonson and Jeppe Skjold. They expertly expanded on the guitar-bass-drums standard with brass and woodwind instruments, various racket-makers, and transfixing gang vocals. Many of them childhood friends (and Mike and Christian identical twins), they've spent years developing a sound that conjures everything from avant-garde to noise to melodious addictive rock to haunting unison vocals.

The band began their own label, Honningmand Records, to release their self-titled debut album in 2004. This was quickly followed in 2005 by Jinkatawa, an EP produced by Mads Brauer and Casper Clausen (from Efterklang & Rumraket) This EP, which warned of the pending explosion of music to come also formed the initial and welcomed friendship between Slaraffenland and Rumraket. Furthermore the EP took the band across the Atlantic where the Slaraffenland rumble started spreading via various musicblogs after successful shows in New York.

Returning home Slaraffenland started working on Private Cinema filled with new ambitions and ideas. Private Cinema is nothing less than a quantum leap forward for the band. The album crystallizes the transition of the band and the talent they have possessed from the start. The songs are distinct, powerful, and melodic and at the same time enigmatic and searching. With the band's first-ever recorded vocals, Private Cinema beautifully brings together exquisite songwriting and improvisation with deliberation, skill and equal amounts of recklessness. The album is bound to intrigue connoisseurs of differing bands like Sonic Youth, The Beach Boys and Akron/Family

Private Cinema is release number eight on Rumraket and for this one the label is working closely with the lovely US label Hometapes. After Slaraffenlands first visit to the US, Hometapes fell in love with the band and the two decided to join forces. Afterwards Rumraket was presented to rough cuts of Private Cinema, which completely bowled them over! After heavy pleading Rumraket was added to the combo and together the two labels will make the album available in a vast number of countries across Europe and North America

The release features visual art and packaging by Friends With You, the world-famous duo from Miami. In the past few years, Friends With You have turned museums, stores, and malls upside down with playful, mind-bending playground-like installations.

Pitchfork 7.9 rating!

CokeMachineGlow 80% rating “that they’ve found just the right sounds to so effectively haunt the halls of their own aesthetic should put the album comfortably on a number of year end lists, and the band firmly on the radar.”

Stereogum.comBand to Watch!”

Soundvenue "Danske Slaraffenlands tredje album er sgu dejligt at lytte til... det er et rent Slaraffenland!"

BT "Helt igennem unikt!"

Ralf Christensen i Information Blandt årets 5 danske rockudgivelser "Der er en umiskendelig behagelig genkendelighed over Slaraffenlands tredje album. Ikke fordi de lyder som sig selv på de foregående plader, men fordi de indskriver sig i den alternative rockhistorie uden at lægge sig som en skygge bag stoute forbilleder..."