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release dates:
digital - december 2006
CD and 12" vinyl - february 2007
territory: Europe


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4.Seoul (Frakkur Remix) (only on 12")

The first time amiina released a record, the "animamina" EP in December 2004, they were pretty much a group in concept alone, having previously played together only as a string quartet round their native Iceland and more latterly as Sigur Ros’s string section on their world tours. amiina, the performing group, didn’t really come about until July 2005, with the four girls expanding their role with Sigur Ros to one of live opening act.  

While there had been a clutch of small hometown in-stores and a slot at Adem’s celebrated Homefires event, the amiina that has made this record was essentially born in flames in the white heat of public scrutiny playing to 3,000 people a night with little or no previous form, over the ensuing 13 months.

Two of the songs here formed part of the set Solrun, Maria, Edda and Hildur honed together on the road until the summer of 2006, gradually building from the bottom up the idea of what kind of a band amiina might turn out to be. "Seoul" and "Ammaelis" showcase two very different aspects of their productivity, although each provided live highlights. The third song, "Ugla", came about in brief periods at home between Sigur Ros dates, when the foursome, playing their position as a genuine garage band in the arse end of Reykjavik 101, decided to start singing on their previously instrumental compositions. The 12” vinyl version of this single even carries a 4th track, a brilliant remix of "Seoul" by Frakkur – aka Jonsi of Sigur Ros. 

Together the three songs make a compelling and somewhat magical package of pure musical beauty. amiina makes orchestrated chamber pop music that on all levels, the composing, the melodic, the sonic spheres, completely captivates the listener. To match this the best way the "Seoul Single" comes in a gorgeous sleeve adorned with a suitably odd illustration of the band masticating “musical” spaghetti (or something?).

It is an utter delight for Rumraket to release the Seoul single for amiina. The band has already self-released the CD-single on a smaller scale but as Rumraket now will release the single as a 12” with an extra track we will same time help the band get the CD-single out in the shops. The ones already familiar with Rumraket know that it is driven by the Danish band Efterklang and the fact that Hildur and Edda from amiina has recorded and toured with Efterklang on several occasions makes us even happier to be involved in this single release.