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release dates:
20th of february 2006
in Benelux & Scandinavia
27th of march 2006
in the UK

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1.Funeral March in March
2.Mo Ma w Maw
3.Piracle Pa
5.New North
6.Cacoy´s Mood
7.Mural of Music
8.Thank You Africa
9.Yoko Majikick Ono
10.Tree Who Treat Minors
12.Cool Spring Minister

We in Efterklang and Rumraket are not afraid of describing this sparkling Japanese pop beauty as a hidden masterpiece! It was originally released in Japan in 2003, but has until now lived a very quiet life. A year ago we stumbled across the album, and since then it has been one of our absolute favorites. It’s a rare unique album that deserves your total attention and devotion. We are simply delighted to now unleash and share this album with the music lovers of Europe.

How it all happened? On invitation from DJ KLOCK the two unconventional pop wonders Saya and Ueno from fantastic Tenniscoats and Maher Shalal Hash Baz teamed up with Klock in 2003 and formed Cacoy, a true Japanese all-star band. After testing their united skills and possibilities on two limited EPs they made this wonderful album of electronica, hip-hop and strange pop music.

It features flawless too good to be true beats made on turntables and computers by the wiz DJ KLOCK plus layers of childish yet extremely beautiful melodies played on organ, guitar, saxophone and SAYA´s characteristic singing. It takes you from processed sounds and cut-up guitar pieces, to almost trippy underwater hip-hop played with found sounds in a very personal, melodic and organic way.

This is the kind of album that can make you cry and dance at the same time!

FLUX Magazine "For lovers of eccentric beauty everywhere!"

Angry-Ape "Rumraket release this hidden beauty, and it deserves your undivided attention!"

Musique-Machine4 out of 5 Stars! "Fans of Mum, Aphex Twin and other electronica licked by organic warmth, need to pick this up. Or anyone who is looking for inventive music."

DeBug Magazine 5 stars "Eine Killer CD … Sehr Schön" "Human Is Music’ by Cacoy is a treat to listen to!" 8 out of 10! "Fresh sounding and fantastic fun!"

CMU Daily "It makes for an intriguing sound, an ambient cacophony reminiscent of Boards Of Canada ...  The Japanese roots run through the album, with its Zen-style minimalism and geisha-like fragility, a defiance of anything heavy or bassy. It's all light and lambent, and with such blissful chiming melodies, anything weighty would just spoil its exquisite nymph beauty"